Thursday, 23 April 2015

Earthing up

The Rocket new potatoes which I planted on 23 March have just appeared above the soil. My lovely mini vegetable hoe from Santa is proving just the job to earth them up.

It is hot work down at the allotment this afternoon, and I am feeling distinctly overdressed... And very lucky not to be at work!

Earthing up

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Planting notes 16th April

It's seed sowing time again!

I'm planting a double row of "Touchon" carrot and "Paris silverskin" onions, with the carrots underneath and the onions on top. I've done this successfully before in pots, and in the raised beds at home. Let's hope it works as well at the allotment.
I should be able to use the onions young as spring onions, or leave in the ground longer and use a salad onion.
Next up, the remainder of a packet of "French Breakfast" radish from last year, and turnip "snowball", a white variety which can be eaten raw in salads.
Then, a single row of perpetual spinach, again left over from last year. We'll see how they do. Finally, a single row of "Long White Icicle" radish. These should allegedly be ready to eat within 25 days of planting.
Job done! I feel just like Monty Don.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Glad to grow comfrey

I planted a row of comfrey seeds at the lottie last year, mainly as I'd heard that the leaves are a good compost activator.
I'm so glad I did. They are beautiful plants, covered in deep purple flowers. The bees seem to enjoy them too.
Some of these may be finding their way into the garden...

Monday, 20 May 2013

Note to self

Just past the rhubarb on the left hand side...this is where I sowed the last of the broad beans. As usual I forgot to bring plant labels. Clearly having another half-baked day! Perhaps this photo will help me remember.
I was doing so well otherwise...I remembered to return two honey jars for recycling and money for a new jar; I looked for and found the gardening glove I lost last time I was at the lottie (the story of my life); and I even remembered to leave in time to pick the girls up at 3.30 (just)!
Clearly it was only a matter of time before I had the next senior moment, and I didn't have to wait long...

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The comfrey is back

The comfrey in the foreground has just about doubled is size in a fortnight, and is now covered in flowers.
It disappeared entirely over winter and whilst I was hopeful it would re-emerge, I wasn't convinced. I carefully marked each spot with a plant label to ensure I didn't hoe anything which appeared in spring into oblivion, and it worked. Here they are!
Great for compost, and the bees seem to like the flowers too.

May growth

There's been an amazing amount of growth in the past couple of weeks. This photo was early May, and it all looks a bit sparse. Since then all 3 rows of tates have broken through and are earthed up, the onions and garlic are swelling, and the PSB and rhubarb have gone mad. A current photo will follow in the next post.

Lincolnshire Sky

Lincolnshire Sky