Saturday, 31 March 2012

I am a fire-starter...I am a fire-starter...

Him Indoors has been stung into action by yesterday's post. He has been to the lottie and done things involving fire. Getting in touch with his inner caveman, clearly.
Actually I am very pleased as he has burnt all the bulky garden waste which hadn't composted. It has reduced the pile greatly and produced lots of lovely ash to spread on the soil.
He left it once the flames had died down and I went to the lottie later on to check the embers were safe. Apparently only one small child fell on it: oops. As I have said before, allotments and childcare don't really mix.
Before social services get in touch I should add that it was a minor incident resulting only in a slightly singed fleece, thank goodness. I am not that callous.
It was quite nice down there so given the grim forecast for next week I took the opportunity to start planting the tates. Rocket, Arran Pilot, Charlotte and Kestrel are all now safely in the ground and praying for rain. The stuff in the greenhouse is also looking great. Broad beans hardened off and planted in the garden; mange tout and stuttgarter onions will be ready to go out by next weekend. Gardening at last.

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