Saturday, 3 March 2012

Rainy day jobs

A somewhat unanticipated consequence of this year's shortage of rainfall is the growing backlog of rainy day jobs. You know - those things you put off doing until there is really no excuse.
I am sure we all have them, but here are a few of my Rainy Day Jobs which are now starting to back up:
- sorting out the toy cupboard
- ironing
- going through children's wardrobes to find out what still fits them and what new stuff they need
- putting that spare timer for the irrigation system onto ebay. (Anyone want it? Make me an offer...)
- children's art projects (I am rubbish at them - Him Indoors is much better at these but every now and then the girls really want me to help them)
Only when all other potential activities have been ruled out will I turn my mind to any of these, but this year they are just not getting done. I blame the drought.
Or is this just another excuse for slovenliness...? You decide!

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