Saturday, 7 July 2012

Where to start...?

I think nearly every chance I have had to get to the plot in the last month has been rained off. Everything is growing fantastically but that includes the weeds.
I managed an hour and a half there today between the kids' swimming lesson and the first downpour. I got the red onions out and they look great. Did as much weeding as I could without compacting the soil, gathered some beetroot, strimmed the path and then started harvesting the tates. They're huge but I fear they are going to fall apart in the pan. Full of water. I lifted half a row of Rocket before the rain started. Just another four and a half rows to go!
It was a good amount of work for a short amount of time. But the weeds are still overwhelming. This shot is from the far end of the plot near the compost bins. There's a row of tates in there somewhere, honest ...

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